Year-end social media checklist

  • Make sure your profile picture and background images on social networks are up to date. You’ve changed in the past year, and your picture should, too.
  • Networks such as LinkedIn now allow users to upload a background banner to their profile. A JPG, PNG, or GIF file under 4MB in size with a resolution of 1400 by 425 pixels looks best on LinkedIn. If in doubt, choose a wide image or a panoramic photo. PRO TIP: Show some personality in your profile picture while maintaining a professional look.
  • Edit your LinkedIn profile to reflect any professional recognition, volunteer work, honors and awards, or other achievements. Don’t hesitate to toot your own horn if you were singled out for great performance at work or were honored by a local volunteer organization. PRO TIP: Include your charitable, community, and philanthropic activities in your profile, as well as your personal interests. This is a great way to build your network of quality connections.
  • Consider upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium account. Premium accounts offer multiple benefits, particularly when conducting advanced searches. Review your most productive prospecting searches on LinkedIn and ask yourself if they could have been improved by applying filters available with a premium membership. PRO TIP: Try LinkedIn’s Premium Business account, which typically costs $30 per month and you can cancel at any time.
  • Review your privacy and security settings. Your LinkedIn account is public by default. Review the various options and fine-tune how others see you on LinkedIn. PRO TIP: You can turn privacy settings on and off depending on how you’re using LinkedIn. You may want to browse or search anonymously if your are conducting research on a prospect.