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Financial Advisors’ Use of Social Media

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4 Responses to “Financial Advisors’ Use of Social Media”

  1. […] A survey conducted by FTI Consulting Strategic Communications, in partnership with US-based Putnam Investments, has uncovered the growing importance for financial advisers of leveraging social networks to improve their referral network, build brand identity and cement their relationship with existing clients. […]

  2. […] and other commentary are partial of a Putnam Investments consult on amicable media. The Boston-based organisation had a consult achieved in Jul by FTI Consulting, that managed to get […]

  3. […] this month Putnam Investments released the results of their “Financial Advisor’s Use of Social Media” […]

  4. Mitch Slater says:

    As a very social FA (voted top 5 by Amy McIlwain @finsocmedia) I agree with this excellent report. I would just point out that Social media is not a campaign; it’s a commitment. Don’t just share content – make sure the context makes sense.

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