Get started using LinkedIn

When you harness the power of LinkedIn, you’ll join 86% of advisors who reported gaining new clients through social media, as identified by the latest version of the Putnam Social Advisor Survey.

LinkedIn connections are a great asset for prospecting and networking. For example, if you have just 338 1st degree connections on LinkedIn, that means your opportunity set grows to almost 6 million prospects. These 6 million working professionals are called 2nd connections, who are friends of your friends on LinkedIn, and are just one introduction away.

Our team of Practice Management Specialists can help you learn the fundaments — from how to create your profile to how to engage with prospects — so you can begin leveraging your LinkedIn relationships as an asset for prospecting and networking.


Challenge yourself to incorporate our 10-minute LinkedIn routine in your practice. To learn more, contact your Putnam consultant or call us at 800-354-4000.

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