Five ways to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts

Five ways to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts

There are over 250 million monthly active users on LinkedIn. Yet, it can be difficult to turn these eyeballs into engagement with your posts.

Engagement is the total number of social actions (likes, comments, and shares) that people take on your post. While there are a number of ways to measure the effectiveness of your updates, engagement is a solid benchmark you can use to measure whether your content is compelling.

Here are five methods you can implement today to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts:

1. Use a compelling image.

98% of posts with images receive more comments. Include an interesting image with your post to make it more noticeable in people’s newsfeeds. If you’re struggling to find a quality image, Unsplash and Pexels are good places to start.

2. Shorter can be better.

The optimal length of a LinkedIn post is 16–25 words. Keep it short and sweet. If your update is on the longer side, try breaking it up into digestible chunks to give your audience an easier reading experience.

3. Have a clear call to action (CTA).

People often put a ton of effort into generating attention on their posts, but don’t offer a next step for their audience. LinkedIn best practices say to include a clear CTA on your posts to direct the reader and keep the digital conversation going. Even a simple “Click here: [insert URL]” can go a long way toward generating clicks and boosting your overall engagement rates. After all, posts with links have a 200% higher engagement rate across the platform.

4. Know your audience (and your platform).

It’s no secret that certain content is better suited for certain audiences. While it is important to develop your own personal brand on LinkedIn, be aware of which articles are relevant for your professional network and which articles are better suited for your personal audience. If you’re questioning whether or not to post something, odds are you should listen to your gut and scrap it.

5. Comment and like other people’s posts.

This is basically LinkedIn karma. The old saying, “what goes around, comes around,” still rings true on LinkedIn. When you “like” and engage with other people’s posts from your network, they’re more likely to reciprocate when the time comes.

Through countless examples like this, it’s evident that LinkedIn is a powerful relationship building tool. But to be successful on this platform, you have to provide a consistent effort. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate LinkedIn into your weekly routine, read about our LinkedIn 5-5-5 method.

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