5 Things to consider for your LinkedIn Summary

5 Things to consider for your LinkedIn Summary

Think of your LinkedIn Summary as your personal brand statement in 150 words or less. It is your opportunity to describe who you are and the value you bring to your clients. Here are five things to consider when writing your summary:

1. Keep the focus on you
The summary is about you as a professional, and should be all about you, not your firm. Try not to reference your firm’s products, services, or product categories.

2. Describe what makes you different as a financial advisor or wealth manager
What unique qualities do you offer to your clients or bring to the table during interactions? Write what distinguishes you professionally.

3. Describe what distinguishes you personally
Why should clients want to know you and do business with you? What past experiences or aspects of your background have brought you to where you are now?

4. Tell a story
Whether it’s about your practice, your previous career, or a past experience that taught you something, a story is humanizing.

5. Close with an invitation
You may simply invite people to connect on LinkedIn, but you can also offer to set up an appointment. Be clear that you would like to get in touch.

One sentence for each point above is a good beginning for your LinkedIn Summary. The ideal length should be under 150 words. Microsoft Word has a word count feature that can help you keep track of the length.