3 reasons to try Twitter lists

3 reasons to try Twitter lists

With Twitter lists, you can create your own curated group of users to follow. Click on a list from your profile page, and you will see a stream of Tweets from just those users.

1. You’ll get the latest news on topics that matter to you.

Breaking news often originates from Twitter and spreads like wildfire. Create a Twitter list to get a customized stream of Tweets from sources you select. Create several different lists to get timely, curated feeds on topics such as the markets, the economy, financial advisors, and politics.

2. You can network more efficiently.

Build lists that will help you network and connect with key users. Your collection of lists can include financial industry experts, clients, prospects, colleagues, and personal friends. You can also choose to keep your lists private — accessible only to you.

 3. It’s easy to get started.

Twitter provides a step-by-step guide to creating and managing your Twitter lists.

No time to create your own list? Try our list of media sources for financial advisors. To sign up for the list, click “subscribe.”