FundVisualizer® is an advisor-only tool that can simplify your fund research with intuitive controls and powerful features. To save time, you can use the data import feature to quickly move your book-of-funds information directly from a spreadsheet into FundVisualizer.

To begin your data import, click “Import.” You can import just fund tickers, or you can import your information as a complete portfolio with weightings.

From your spreadsheet, copy the row that includes fund tickers. Don’t worry if other data is captured; the system is smart enough to to know which data to ignore.

Within the tool’s workspace area, paste the data, then click “Next.” Identify the column that holds tickers, then click “Next.”

You can review the data before the final import. If the system doesn’t recognize a fund, correct it here or remove it.

After final review and corrections, click “Import.” Now, your funds are ready to be compared and analyzed in FundVisualizer.