Avoid travel headaches with Hipmunk

Turn your tablet or smartphone into a mobile travel agent

If you’re away from your desktop computer, finding flights and hotels for upcoming trips can be time-consuming and stressful.

A free travel app — Hipmunk — can turn your tablet or smartphone into a mobile travel agent. What makes Hipmunk different from other travel apps is its easy-to-read search results and innovative sorting options.

After entering in your desired flights, Hipmunk arranges data into an easy-to-read graph. Prices are on the left side, times are along the top, and airlines are easily identifiable by color.

By graphing the search results, you can easily compare flight duration, departure and arrival times, and layover lengths. As a bonus, Hipmunk even identifies which flights provide WiFi internet access.

Few travelers enjoy long layovers and expensive flights, so Hipmunk also sorts results based on convenience. When you choose to sort by “Agony,” the cheapest and most convenient flights will appear first.

If you don’t find the right flight immediately, you can sign up for email alerts that notify you when your itinerary is available at an optimal price.

You can also use Hipmunk to find hotels. Instead of sorting by price or location, Hipmunk ranks hotels on the ideal combination of price, location, amenities, and guest reviews. The app can also display heatmaps that show the best districts for food, tourism, shopping and nightlife.

Give Hipmunk a try if you want to save money and avoid a lot of common travel headaches.