Six ways outdated technology can interfere with your message

Six ways outdated technology can interfere with your message

1. Displaying your fax number.

Very few people send or receive faxes. With client touchpoints such as your business card and email signature, eliminate the fax number and only include necessary and concise contact information.

2. Elaborate phone systems.

Your office phone system’s utility diminishes every day as the use of smartphones and digital communication increases. Keep your telecommunications system minimal, and stop paying for services you don’t need, such as long-distance plans.

3. Voice-only conference calls and annual reviews.

With free services like Join Me and Skype, you can have face-to-face meetings online. You can also share your screen to present information visually.

4. Forms that must be filled out manually or with Microsoft Word.

Convert your forms to digital, fillable PDFs using Adobe Acrobat or Google Forms. Microsoft Word isn’t free. Acrobat and Google are free. Clients who have difficulty with handwriting or are accustomed to digital forms will appreciate the efficiency.

5. Sharing information on CDs or flash drives.

If you’re distributing or sharing information on CDs, DVDs, or flash drives, you may be losing your audience. Most laptops no longer have CD drives, and many people don’t have DVD players. Flash drives, while slightly more convenient, still require more work than necessary to access the information.

The best way to share information? Send instantly accessible website links that can be easily opened and viewed on mobile devices or desktops. Clients are more likely to consume information when it’s at their fingertips.

6. Websites that are not optimized for mobile.

In 2014, mobile surpassed desktop in digital consumption. Chances are if your site is not mobile-friendly, it is invisible.