Enhance client conversations with FRED

Enhance client conversations with FRED

With some help from FRED, you can enhance your client meetings with attractive displays of data and information.

FRED — Federal Reserve Economic Data — is an online database of more than 500,000 economic data time series from nearly 90 different U.S. and international sources.

FRED provides free online tools to create charts with the latest data to illustrate your discussions. FRED provides a mix of tools to customize, display, and share the data in a variety of formats. Multiple data time series can be imported into a single graphic. For a quick look at index returns, Treasury yields, or trends in global growth or inflation, FRED can help you assemble a snapshot graphic.

FRED also offers mobile apps and sorts data by “popular series” and “latest releases” to help you search for ideas.

Visit FRED to get started or learn more.

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