5 ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile

5 ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile

  1. Add your picture

    Choose an image where you’re in a professional setting, dressed appropriately, and either smiling or looking slightly off-camera.

  2. Use your professional name

    Use the name you go by professionally; if it’s a nickname, use it. Be sure to include both your maiden and married names if applicable.

  3. Write a great headline

    Your headline tells what you do, not your job title. The words “Financial Advisor” should appear in your headline.

  4. Include your official job title

    If your official job title is different from what you wrote as your headline, be sure to include it here.

  5. Optimize your URL

    LinkedIn will assign you a random URL. To make your profile more easily searchable on Google and for others looking for you, change the URL to something that better matches your name.

    • Under the Profile dropdown, choose Edit Profile
    • Next to Public Profile, you’ll see your LinkedIn URL
    • Click Edit to change the URL
    • To the right, in the Your public profile URL dialog box, click Customize your public profile URL
    • Choose a URL that matches your name, e.g., firstnamelastname
    • Click Set Custom URL to save your change


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