Learn how to build and evaluate custom portfolios across multiple metrics.

FundVisualizer is a powerful free tool that enables you to compare over 11,000 mutual funds, including ETFs, industry-wide. FundVisualizer lets you compare any fund that you want; there’s no requirement to include a Putnam fund in your comparison.

Let’s see how two portfolios compare against each other. Start by clicking “New portfolio.”

Create your baseline — or “A” portfolio — by typing in the funds’ names or ticker symbols. In this example, we will evenly distribute the weightings.

Next, create the comparison — or “B” portfolio — by adding another fund. Again, we will evenly distribute the weightings.

Select the benchmark, and then click “Create Chart.”

The chart now shows how the two portfolios compare against each other, along with the selected benchmark. Change the timeframe by moving the bar at the bottom. Or you can focus in on a specific date range.

The blue line represents the baseline, or “A” portfolio; the gold is the comparison – or “B” portfolio; and the gray line is the benchmark.

Below the chart are the blended risk characteristics of each portfolio.

You can save your charts to your personal library, and the charts will update automatically whenever new data is available.


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