Get started using FundVisualizer® with this example of a head-to-head comparison.

FundVisualizer is a powerful free tool that enables you to compare over 11,000 mutual funds, including ETFs, industry-wide. FundVisualizer lets you compare any fund that you want; there’s no requirement to include a Putnam fund in your comparison.

Let’s start with a fund-to-fund comparison. On the homepage, click “New comparison.”

Enter the name or ticker symbol of at least two funds and click “Create Chart.”

The first chart you’ll see is the table view where you can compare your funds across 65 performance and risk metrics.

Click the tabs at the top to see different views of the same data. The mountain chart shows cumulative performance over any time period. You can change the time frame by dragging the bar at the bottom. Or you can focus in on a specific date range.

The Bar/Line chart lets you change what the Y axis represents by selecting from the drop down menu.

The X/Y chart shows data in three dimensions: an “X”, a “Y,” and a “Z,” which is the size of the dot. You can change what the X, Y, or Z represents by selecting from the drop-down menus.

You can save your charts to your personal library, and the charts will update automatically whenever new data is available.