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Pay for parking with your smartphone

If you travel a lot for client meetings, the last thing you should get stressed about is parking — or at least finding change to feed the meter once you get a great spot.

If you want to stop searching for change or keeping a pocketful of quarters, try the Parkmobile app.

With Parkmobile, you can pay for meter parking with your smartphone. Once you park in a space that accepts Parkmobile payments, simply click on the app, enter your zone and parking space information, and select how much time you would like to pay for.

Then, right on your phone, you’ll get information on your parking session — when it starts and — more important — when it ends. It will even alert you 15 minutes before your time is up.

The app also provides a map of your parking space and directions back to your car. You’ll get a running history of your parking sessions, including lists of favorite zones and your recently used spots.

Parkmobile makes feeding the meter a thing of the past.

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