When reviewing financial plans with clients, consider suggesting apps that will help them create budgets, manage expenses, shop more efficiently, and track their bill payments. Here are just a few personal finance apps they may find helpful.

A free app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, LevelUp is a “mobile wallet” that lets you use your phone to pay for purchases. Link the app to your credit or debit card, and scan the LevelUp code at the register. The app lists nearby merchants that support LevelUp, and businesses offer credits and discounts for LevelUp users.
Use this popular app to organize all your financial information in one place, and access it on desktop or mobile devices. You can monitor balances and transactions for bank accounts, investments, credit cards, and more. Use it to create a budget, keep track of your bills, and get alerts for payment due dates.
This iPhone app organizes information about all your bills, tracks due dates and payment amounts, and keeps a complete history of your bills and payments. You can also synch it with iCloud and use the iPad version.
Scan a barcode and get listings of the product’s price at other local stores as well as online retailers. The “deal finder” feature alerts you to coupons and sales at stores in your geographic area.
Mobile bank deposits
Why go to the bank or ATM to deposit a check when you can simply take a photo of it? Many major banks offer this service, called “remote deposit capture,” which enables you to snap a picture of the check and deposit it in your account, right from your smartphone. Check with your bank for availability.